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Engineered House Plans for Building Permit Approval

We are a nationwide engineering firm providing site-specific engineering details and analysis to home owners and residential contractors who need engineered house plans.

We have two basic packages:

  1. Engineering Only Package:
    We add engineering structural notes and details (and make modifications as required) to your existing boiler-plate house plans so that they conform to local building requirements, and then our Licensed Engineer stamps our engineering details. This is convenient for those who already have a "vanilla" set of plans that were purchased from an architect, home designer, or from a house-plans magazine or catalogue. We basically provide all the necessary engineering details so that it is structurally sound, and site-specific for your local area.

  2. Full Service Package:
    We draw the architectural plans, such as: floor plans, elevations, section view(s), etc.; and then we also provide all of the services as outlined in the "Engineering Only Package", above.
You can see How it Works, here.

Our Professional Engineering services consist of the following:

  • Lateral Plans (Wind and Seismic/Earthquake loads).

    • Roof and Floor diaphragm design, and sheathing & nailing requirements.
    • Shearwall design, sheathing & nailing, hold-downs, anchor bolts, and anchorage of structural components.

  • Vertical/Gravity Plans (Snow, Live, and Dead loads).

    • Special beams & headers, posts, bearing walls, rafters, floor joists, and other components.

  • Foundation design plans for: basements, post and pier wood subfloors, and concrete slabs.

  • Other structural requirements as necessary.

see our coverage areaOur nationwide coverage makes us the preferred choice.

If you need a Engineered House Plans for Building Permit Approval, you may submit your job here.

Not only do we provide engineered house plans, but we are a full service civil and structural engineering design firm.

If you have questions about our Engineered House Plans services, please feel free to contact us.

Please explore our full range of Engineering services and see what we can do for you.

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